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Illustration of Onion for Seed's Savers Handbook
Onion illustration from
Seed’s Savers Handbook

Who is behind Promotion Bites?

Promotion Bites is the commercial manifestation of Alfredo Bonanno's creativity, the consolidation of 30 years experience in advertising, commercial art and artistic pursuits here in Australia and overseas.

Alfredo Bonanno self-portraitAlfredo (see extremely pixilated portrait here on the left) received training in photography, commercial art and design with leading national advertising agencies in Italy. After migrating to Australia in the 1980's, besides continuing with those trades he also regularly held art gallery exhibitions and expanded his skill base.

Setting up the Rainbow Snake headAlfredo always takes with “gusto” all the challenges thrown to him, amongst them the most demanding one was with the Immigration Department (between 1981 to 1984). Alfredo first job in his new country was as an interior display designer for the  formerly known Lismore Heritage Centre (now Lismore Tourist Information Centre) in 1988 and illustrating the Seed’s Saver Handbook in 1991.

Alfredo's portfolio is a rich collection of images, illustrations, advertisements, logos, web sites, prints, promotional material, some executed with a minimalistic amount of resources, and at other times, with state of the art computer software.

Nimbin Business & Services DirectoryAlfredo likes to explore and add touches of creativity to nearly everything he pursues, a testimony of that is in the included online portfolio.

Click here to journey through the extensive, but not complete by any means, online gallery.

Promotion Bites was established in 2003 and has continued a long standing solo trading business, established in Italy in the ‘70s. The difference to nowadays is that now everything is done with powerful computers instead of glue, paper and ink.



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