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Mitsuba illustration from Seed’s Savers Handbook
Mitsuba illustration from
Seed’s Savers Handbook

Jack of all trades

Working in Advertising requires knowledge in a variety of artistic mediums like photography, graphic arts, illustrations, paginations, publications, modeling and so on.

Alfredo, over the years, has gained a great variety of skills. Depending on need and occasion, he has utilized those skills to convey the appropriate appeal and message to his clients and ultimately to the public.

One of those skills is the ability to create illustrations as an integral part of visualizing a graphical concept from a doodle on paper into something that will turn into an advertising campaign or a fully fledged display (see the example here below which started as a conceptual draft on paper, into a more defined 3D model and then into the final display for the 1988 Lismore Heritage Centre).

1988 Lisore Heritage Centre Display
There is a great variety of illustrations, some strictly technical, others commercially orientated, those to suite publications or to cheer a visitor to an exhibition. Alfredo has utilized his skills to explore all those options and experiment with a few others.
Each Illustration has a Purpose
Promotion Bites, the commercial arm of Alfredo, will depending on need makecreative use of acquired skills to benefit your business activity; make contact for a quote or a friendly chat to explore avenues of promoting your commercial activities.



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